We spend our lives looking for pleasure, knowledge, power and money.

I spend mine seeking knowledge.

After many years of being an engineer, I know that science has serious limitations of its own. In this age of rapid advancement where people are struggling to cope up with ever-changing technology, the fact that science has limits may seem insignificant. But that is only the beginning of the story.

If one tries to see the limits of science as being influenced by intelligence, personal beliefs, political divides and economic interests, the plot becomes even more complex. So complex, that sometimes, it seems as if no one man can  know enough to find his way through this maze of possibilities.  A large part of our present human thought process is now controlled by governments and companies. Today, a lot of people only know what governments and companies think they need to know.

Scientists still “create” new things and take on the credit of a creator, but they are limited by physical laws over which they have no control. Like boxing matches happen within rings, scientists work within an area that is “permitted” by the laws of nature. The ultimate challenge for the human mind is to flex this limit and every time I learn  that a barrier was broken, I spend time learning about it.

We all may never become Einstiens, but lets face it, ever since the day we were born, human life is a journey where one  learns with every passing moment.

I’ve been a keen learner, for as long as I can  remember. I learn daily. I learn about everything under the sun and even those beyond it. I am a perpetual student seeking an eternal degree.

If you were reading an assortment from various fields everyday, you should be able to appreciate how the line of thought can shift so frequently. The span of attention of a passing thought may be shorter than the time required to write a blog post. Sometimes, two different ideas can become so conflicting and never be able to make it into words.

Learning Daily is my personal blog to capture my fleeting thoughts.  To write something when I can as I watch these wondrous changes happening around me while the clock ticks and my cells age. I setup this blog just to learn how to own a domain. Though the technical bit was easy, I guess I have a long way to go in learning how to write a blog that makes a difference.

I generally tend to write when I’m tired of  reading and that is not very often. And when I do write, I write on random irrelevant things –  a known mistake proven to turn search engines and readers away. Some times I tend to sound opinionated. I am hopeful that I will improve with time.

My present interests lie in   sustainability, peak oil, debian, Web 3.0, creativity and  epistemology. But you may find that I haven’t written much on these. If you want to learn along or teach, feel free to let me know.

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