Welcome to my page on Thirukkural (திருக்குறள்)

As a student who studied Hindi in school, I’ve always felt that I’ve missed out on what is said in Thirukkural. They say Thirukkural must be read in its entirety atleast once. So I’m catching up now.

Tamil version of Thirukkural is hosted here and there are also translated versions in 8 different languages hosted here.


8 thoughts on “Thirukkural

  1. Hi..Nice to see another Krishnan in Gurgaon..

    Yes. Tirukkural is a must read. I learnt Tamil at School, but Tirukkural was always memorized for that compulsory 5 marks or so..

    I regret for that now!

  2. It is nice to know that still people are interested in Tirukural. Lot of material in net. in many languages.
    Only thing is read and follow. No point in knowing things.

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