tweets for 2012-03-28

  • A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. – John C. Maxwell #fb #
  • A clever man commits no minor blunders. – Goethe #
  • Just discovered Twinbox which integrates Twitter with Outlook. Awesome! #
  • Truth won't always bring happiness to your heart, but it will enlighten your mind. #
  • Else where on facebook:⁰⁰"The world is made of electrons, protons, neutrons and morons." #
  • Easy is the path to wisdom, for those who are not blinded by themselves. #fb #
  • Searching for the truth is easy. Accepting the truth is hard. #fb #
  • Great things lie outside the comfort zone but inside the effort zone, almost close to the border! #fb #
  • Introduction to the 100-Up method for running invented in 1874 #fb #

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