links for 2010-09-21

  • If your iPod’s hard drive has reached the end of its life and you’d rather not shell out bucks for a new iPod, here’s a neat little hack that will allow you to convert your 5th/5.5 gen iPod’s hard drive to compact flash. Not only will you save a few bucks (depending on the size of your compact flash card), but converting your hard drive will also extend your iPod’s battery life and make your iPod significantly lighter (also no moving parts, which means your iPod is less likely to break).

    You’ll need a compact flash card (size is up to you, and can always be upgraded later) and an iFlash mk2 Compact Flash Adapter.

    What You Need:

    * iFlash mk2 Adapter
    * Compact Flash Card (up to 64GB)
    * Case Opener Tool (or hard guitar pick)

    (tags: ipod repair)
  • The only rule in photography is that there are no rules. However, there are many composition guidelines which can be applied in almost any situation, to enhance the impact of a scene. Below are ten of the most popular and most widely respected composition 'rules'.

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