Energy ball – Interesting design for a microgeneration device

Microgeneration is small scale distributed power generation where each home, community makes its own power with a low carbon footprint. It is said that if we all make our own power, we can take off 30-40% of production capacity. As an idea, microgeneration sure makes sense. If households dont rely on the government to cook their foods, mow the lawns and take out the trash, why should they rely on the government to produce their power?

Energy ball is an interesting device thats been around for over 2-3 years now and can supposedly produce 15% of the annual power required by a (Dutch) household. The ball has a 25 year life and can produce a maximum of 500 W of power.  It looks kind of cool too, to say the least, I like it better than the look of a power plant.

The cost of a 500 W ball installation without the post is around 3000 Euros (Rs.210,000). The 11 m mast costs another 1000 euros. Based on the present Indian economics, the device is not likely to pay itself back even over its entire lifetime without subsidies. I just wonder what makes such interesting devices so expensive.


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