Mother diary’s probiotic milk

Well after a year of its launch, Mother Diary’s probiotic milk has finally made it to the shop in my apartment complex.

A bottle sells at Rs.10, is 100 ml and is based on the symbiotic combination of LA-5 and BB-12 which Yoplait has done long ago. Though presence of BB-12 is written on the bottle itself, curiously, Mother Diary’s own website does not mention BB-12.

The website also only mentions “billions of bacteria” without exactly specifying “how many billions of what” in each serving.

Each serving (of Mango flavour) is loaded with 12.3 grams of sugar for 100 ml and some fruit pulp, but it sure doesnt taste as “addictive” as Yakult. The date of packaging is printed on the cap of each bottle and you will need to add 21 days to determine whether or not you can consume it.

I clearly felt as if Rs. 10 bought more with Mother Dairy than with Yakult- there is 50% more milk per bottle!


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