Hacks for the music lover

I’ve done a lot of “weird” things to hear good music.

20 years ago
I played many songs on tape recorder and tweaked the equalizer to make it sound the best, created a code numbers based on equalizer settings and remembered codes for hundred of songs.
Placed my chin on the centreline of stereo speakers so that I can understand which sound comes from which angle.

10 years ago
I had to moved to portable devices as I didn’t have time a lot of time to spend at home for music and had to listen on the go. I adjusted a headphone so that it exactly to fit my head and glued it into position. I used that headphone for years.

5 years ago
Bought a Dolby Prologic home theater

1 year ago
Bought my first set of “working” noise cancelling head phones for a whopping Rs.8,000. It changed the way music sounded outside my house – in buses, railways stations and air ports, even when I’m sitting next to wings of a old styled plane propellers. After JBL reference 510, I can only see lip movements and voices of people dont spoil my music anymore.

When I went for my evening walk today, I decided to carry the earphones which came with my ipod. I knew these phones were good, but I could never get them to stay in my ears even for a few minutes. Today, I placed a headband over my ears to prevent my earphones from slipping. It was a truly a cool hack, but it took my birdbrain so many years to figure this one out.

I ran and walked 5 kms,  sweated a lot, but my head band soaked it all up and my ears and the earphones felt dry. The fit was so snug and the earphones were so light that it seemed that music was in the air. When oxygen entered my system after a few minutes of walking, it was a serious high!


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