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Today, our son was named Guhan.

Wikipedia has an article on the name Guhan. We didn’t read this article till after the name was selected.

As Wikipedia keeps changing, I’d like to record what it says about the name as of today.


Guha (Sanskrit: गुह), is another name of the Hindu deity Skanda or Muruga. Guhan means the resident of the “cave of the heart”. This meaning is derived from the Hindu philosophy that the ultimate truth/reality (God) is ever present in the hearts of all living beings and is also the cause of the life force. Guhan is commonly associated with Lord Subrahmanya, one of the most revered deities of Tamil Hindus.

Guha is also encountered in one of the epic stories of Hindus. Guha,as proper noun, appears in “Ramayana” which is one of the two Hindu epics, as a boatsman. Guha assists Rama (reincarnation of Lord Vishnu) to cross the river during Rama’s banishment from Ayodhya by his stepmother. Guha is revered for his high-standing honorable qualities and continues to be an inspiration to many practicing Hindus.

Guhan is not a common name and is usually given to children from Tamil Nadu, the southern most state in India.

Another variation of the name that’s common in Southern India is Guhesan (pronounced “Gu”-“hey”-“son”). In the Hindu mythology, it is believed that Skanda or Muruga is the son of Siva (aka Shiva, Easan) and Parvathi (the goddess). And so “Guha-Easan” means “The son of Easan”. Which over time has become the current form Guhesan.



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