Running the extra mile

For the last couple of days I’d not been eating my veggies and had been binging excessively on rice, oils, fats and chicken. Of late I’ve been irregular to the gym and my weight is on the increasing trend.

I got a bit worried and today I decided that I had to burn some calories and I decided to stretch myself to run 4 miles instead of the 3 point something miles I usually run.

I warmed by walking with increasing speeds for 5 minutes. Then ran at 5 miles per hour for a couple of minutes and then I set to do 6.1 miles per hour and ran steadily for 40 minutes. The surplus of carbs I’d been seem to make it possible for me to run more. At the end of 40 minutes it looked like I could run for a few more minutes, but I decided not to stretch my luck too far and dropped to cool down for 3 minutes before I pressed the stop button.

In 48 minutes, I’d covered 7.2 kms and burnt 500 calories.

But that is a mere 6% of my target. I know I need to burn 7500 surplus calories before I drop the extra kilo that I gained in the last couple of weeks 😦

Why the hell do people make desserts?


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