More Mac tweaks

1. Problem with USB

The InsanelyMac forum has this nice article that helped me trouble shoot Mac USB problems. The was just a single file, that solved all USB plug and play problems on Mac.

2. Widgets for Dashboard

There are several widgets available for the Mac Dashboard.

3. Setting up the screen resolution

From this site, I learn how to change the screen resolution. Works for me 🙂

If your screen resolution is not ok then do the following: Press F8 when you boot OS X and then write “?video” this will show you all the possible resolutions. For example that you want 1280×1024×32 then again in the boot write “Graphics Mode”=” 1280×1024×32” and if everything goes well and your computer boots with the right resolution, you have to add it to “” to make it permanent. Now how you edit; First of all you need to back it up; you can find it in ‘/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration’. From there copy it in a backup location. Open terminal and type: sudo -s cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration pico There you add this after the other options: <key&gt;Graphics Mode</key&gt; <string&gt;1280×1024×32 </string&gt; Then CTRL+O to save it CTRL+X to exit. Another way to edit it is to copy it in your desktop open it with ‘textedit’ and there you add this: <key&gt;Graphics Mode</key&gt; <string&gt;1280×1024×32 </string&gt; Save it and then copy paste it in ‘/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration’ so as to replace it (it will ask for administrator password).

Next perhaps, I should try repeating all these again with my nVidia card fixed on the mother board. 🙂


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