Getting the Mac to work

To set up the Mac to work in a way I want, I did the following:

1. Positioned the Dock on the right.This helps me run Windows in Coherance mode.
2. Download manager : iGetter
3. Torrent client : Vuze (Azureus)
4. Browser : Firefox 3
5. Feed reader : RSS Owl
6. Archive handler : Stuffit Archive Manager
7. pdf reader : Adobe reader
8. Set up NTFS read-write using this life hacker article
a. Installed MacFUSE Core for Leopard (1.5)
b. Installed NTFS-3G for OS X
c. From the Disk Utility, Unmounted the NTFS disk
d. From the Disk Utility, Mounted the NFTS disk again

At least I can do a few basic things now!


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