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To Mac or not to Mac, that is the question

A week after Mac, it has still failed to sweep me off my feet.

I don’t know if 2 gigs of RAM is indeed too small to handle three operating systems at the same time. But things become so slow when I try to run three operating systems together. Also, getting all the operating systems to read all the hard disks at the same time looks difficult too. I operate 6 portable hard disks to keep my data. So with data transfer becoming a chore, some times it looks like the windows way was simple.

Debian too runs on a Mac. But Mac had a much smaller range of applications to choose from. There are sadly no equivalents to the small but powerful FlashGet and uTorrent in Mac. Azuerus seems to be a complicated program to do a simple thing.

In the place where I live, we lose electric power many times a day. When we have power back, I need my PC needs to return to what it was doing even if I’m not sitting in front of it. There seem to be a few problems in getting the Mac to do it. But I think, I’ll eventually tide over it.

I think I need to live through this period of difficulty before I learn to shuffle data between NTFS, ext3 and HFS+. Not to mention, that the keyboard bothers me too. I surely cannot unlearn the windows shortcuts because I need to use windows at work. Remembering how to do it on a Mac with a keyboard is clearly an extra load on the head.


2 thoughts on “To Mac or not to Mac, that is the question

  1. Hey! Found your post through the tag surfer option and thought I’d comment on a few things.

    A little backstory: I grew up using Windows when I was a kid. My family used it so it just fell into my lap. As I got older I both wanted to use a platform that was more stable and would work for me, and I wanted to use a computer more widely accepted in my field. That’s when I got a Mac. At first it was a little strange trying to get a grasp on the feel of the system, but really I was just over-thinking things. It’s a straight to the point computer that works for you.

    I’m not sure why you run three operating systems at one time, but that is quite a load on any system. You may want to up your ram, but I don’t know the rest of the specs on your system. I imagine you are using Parallels or Fusion? Both programs have been known to slow down your system quite a bit when running even two operating systems.

    I haven’t used a download tracker for a while. The built in download trackers in Firefox and Safari sufficed for me. As for your torrents I prefer a program called Transmission. Simple and to the point.

    Apple’s journaled system is able to be run on Windows as well, and I’m sure it will run fine in Linux. And the keyboard shortcuts are essentially the same. Just replace the ctrl key with the command (apple) key.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to bombard your post with a lengthy comment. Keep at it and you will eventually work through these small hurdles. As with anything to do with technology the beginning is always a little rocky, but as you continue on it will get better!

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