The long road to fitness

There seem to be literally thousands of ways to keep fit.

I was very proud that I kept up a real small cardio routine for a couple of months now. I seem to have lost 3 kgs. Just when I was feeling proud of running a few minutes a day, I saw a gym friend do a full one hour on the treadmill. Ego was broken. Then my instructor introduced me to jumping and aerobics. Whatever was left over of ego was broken. Then today I was made to go into the Yoga class for an hour or so. Clearly, I was the clumsiest in the class with the least amount of flexibility. Without knowing a thing about Surya Namaskar, I practically stopped the whole class from making progress. The yoga instructor was kind enough to ask me to stop after three sets.

But doing those three sets, seems to have really stretched my legs which were already aching from the jumping and aerobics. But Yoga is a truly amazing thing, it really made me feel good.

The least amount of any left over pride was swept clean with a dry cloth.

Fitness today seems like a long distance journey.


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