If I had my way, I’ll have all of them sued

I stumbled upon this post titled Fiction Fragment: At the wedding that Neha Vishwanathan wrote:

She writes :

“A sudden flash of memory. Standing in the assembly, roasting in the
summer sun. Uniforms being checked. One arm distance from the person
ahead of her in the line. Reciting the national pledge together. India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.
It makes her want to throw up. She didn’t know what was more revolting. The idea of state-sponsored incest or the thought that all the awful people she was in the midst of were somehow related to her.”

Her blog seems to be written out of London and there is no ambiguity in what she has to say.

If I meet her some time, I’d like to ask her if her parents were Indians – and if they were, what would that make her.

At least in India, I believe you cannot do something that would be a direct insult to a national symbol. If she were in India, I would have liked to listen to her in the court of law, the explanation she would have to offer on what prompted her to write what she wrote.

Sadly, she even has an Indian audience which doesn’t seem to understand that it is not right to insult a country’s sentiment.

It has always made me sad to see people who were born in India, who in their early years profit from the family and education system here and then leave this country to make a fortune else where. Some of them are senseless enough to think that sitting in a foreign land makes them invincible and they can get away by parting with their wisdom of why the Indian system sucks irrespective of how other Indians feel about it.

If Neha were educated in India, I’m sure she must have known that its not funny to make fun of the National Pledge, and I’d really like to see an apology from her.


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