Back from a vacation

I just returned home from a year end vacation.

Caught up with my relatives. Ate. Slept. Rested. Read the Da Vinci Code. Watched a full movie after months. Went to beaches. Saw a light house. Visited temples. Performed Poojas. Played chess with my 5 year old nephew. Got my 18 month old niece vaccinated. Clicked pictures. Went to a theme park with family. Picked up excellent books written before 1940 on Thirukkural to continue my study of it. Laughed to my brother’s and sister’s jokes. Didn’t publish new year resolutions. Didn’t strain myself to contact many friends. Didn’t update my blog. Didn’t read my RSS. Didn’t check my office mails. I just unwound in preparation to take up more work in office later this month. I feel better after the vacation now.

But now the house is dusty and the car wont start. Thats a thing for tomorrow though…


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