Living with Linux

Now here is a story that is a living proof of people’s laziness to move out of Windows:

For the last two weeks now, I’ve been playing around with computers and operating systems. I’ve finally settled on Mandriva 2008. Its been a week now. I haven’t booted once into Vista though it is installed on my PC – some austerity is required, if I were to ever learn Linux.

Just so that I don’t forget it, I need to document my steps every now and then.

Installation (12th Nov 07):

I re-installed from the Mandriva 2008 Powerpack DVD iso which I downloaded. My earlier installation did not include GNOME so I added it on. Install process was simple. I allocated only 15 GB space to the root ext3 partition, which seems to be big mistake now though. The remanining 65 gigs of this hard disk and the other 320 GB hard disk are all in NTFS. This is limiting my ability to handle data.

I could not boot any version of Linux with my NVIDIA geforce 5200
plugged in. So I simply pulled it out and am presently on i915G

Configuration of installation sources and update (13 Nov 07)

After repeated complaints about the installation media not being readable, I used to Mandriva control centre to change the media source for installation and updates to be from internet and excluded the installation media. No complaints since then.

Added compiz effects (16 Nov 07)

Now the 3D graphics rocks :). Shame shame Windows Vista.

Viewing .rar files (17 Nov 07)

Added capability to view .rar files on Mandriva by running this rpm


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