Humor, Personal


Texans sure know Whataburger.

I’ve never been to eat there. What is in a burger, after all?

When I returned from office today, I just hit the bed and it was like 7 p.m. I can now faintly recollect my wife asking me what I’d like to have for dinner and me telling her something light, like the onion buns we picked from Walmart. She asked me if I would like to have chicken between the slices and I said yes. She asked if I’d like some cheese or butter and I declined. I dont remember anything that happened after that, as I crashed for some much needed rest.

8.30. pm. My wife woke me up and served me dinner almost  by force. I refused to let her turn the lights on. I sat up on the bed without even slipping out of the blanket entirely and looked the sliced Walmart onion bun that was on my plate in a dim light that originated from the next room. I lifted the top half and to my relief found some thing filled in between  though it didn’t add a lot of volume. I knew that filling would change the taste of my bun. Half asleep, I bit into it…and chewed on it.


It had 1 cm cubes of chiken, a paste of potato, chillies, onions, coriander and traces of many other masalas all of which showed up at once.

I didn’t wake up after the first bite. But by the time, I finished half of it, I had the lights on and was pretty much conscious. My wife figured that I liked ‘it’ and and offered to make me one more.

After two “super Indian style ‘it’s/’whataburgars”, I demanded a large glass of diet coke to be served at my bed. No sooner than I finished my coke, I jumped out of my bed and reached for my laptop.

I am good now and fully prepared to take on an official call at 10 pm, which I’m secretly hoping won’t come. But it might.
“Ghar ka whataburghar” took me by surprise. Ghar ka khana can indeed open up new possibilities 🙂


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