Koi nahi paraya – No one is a stranger

I’m reproducing this poem from simply because Google does not have a second reference to this beautiful poem as on date.

I’ve known earlier about Gopal Das. But I’ve never read this particular poem of his before.

I corrected the English translation a bit so that the meaning conveyed is now closer to the original script.

Koi nahi paraya, mera ghar sara sansar hai
No one is a stranger, the whole world is my home
Mein na bandha hoon desh kaal ki zang lagi zangir mein
I m not tied in the rusted chains of country and time
Mein na khada hoon jaati paati ki unchi nichi bhid mein
I m not standing in the crowd of caste and creed’s differences
Mera dharm na kuch syahishabdo ka sirf gulam hain
My faith is not the slave of words written by ink
Mein bas kehta hoon ki pyar hain to ghat ghat mein ram hain
I m only saying that if there is love, God is there everywhere
Mujse tum na kaho ki mandir-masjid par mein sar tek doon
You should not tell me to go to pray to a temple-mosque
Mera to aaradhya aadmi, devalay har dvar hain
My God is human and every house door is my place of worship
Koi nahi paraya,mera ghar sara sansar hain
No one is stranger,the whole world is my home


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