Computers, General

Another day passes by

I was trying out different things today.

  • Installed Clamwin after weeks of being without antivirus protection
  • Tried out Windows Live Writer (Beta) on which I tried to post this entry first. It was no good for WordPress so I’m doing this with BlogDesk now.
  • Changed my Notepad executable to TED Notepad
  • Made my own Wiki Server that runs from Windows Desktop
    • Installed EasyPHP 1.8
    • Installed TikiWiki 1.9.4
    • Created and edited a sample database and it works fine. However, I’m still asking myself if Wikis is a good basis to created long lasting content.


  • Checked out Yahoo Web 2.0 (beta) and backed up my to Yahoo
  • Checked out a new Yahoo Booter. Works :). Need more bots now.
  • Updated iTunes Library to include folders from my external 400 GB hard disk
  • Installed Gaim for Windows
  • Tried out dbabble, but it didnt make sense
  • Installed Vodei Codecs
  • Loitered around interent

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