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Trip to cyberville

I entered home Friday night and will be stepping out of the door Monday morning, hopefully.

I was glued to my PC all week end.

No chore got done. I tried different blog clients, created a new blog, read through gazillion blog entries, spent 6 hours on Youtube, watched Pirates of the Caribbean, ate Pizzas, updated my blog roll, downloaded a numerous megabytes and in general, got wasted.

I read this great this article on “Finding the right truth to tell” and it did help clear my perspective on what I should be writing. I shall reflect reality, but with discretion. Without discretion people are going to continue to clutter up the internet.

I think the internet is already a crappy place to be. Internet today is an overload of information, most of which is irrelevant to the common man’s life. We dont need all the million websites out there, do we? Internet is cluttered up with too many things that is of no consequence to the knowledge seekers, nerds and geeks.

Most of what floats in cyber space is crap. I guess thats where Google gets its business from. The good stuff is as usual hard to find and finding it is considered sometimes illegal.

I think the internet needs to be structured out – A place for everything and everything in its place. Of course, there can be no single government that can bring about such a structure unless, it needs to be built into the way it works.

Unless everybody realizes this need to be in control of the changes that happen to the internet which is so closely a part of many lives now, the landscape of cyberville will continue to change dramatically. Though this time I didnt go all places I would have wanted to go, a trip to cyberville was long over due.

I can now catch those 4 hours of sleep before I get to office.


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