Blog clients

A Blog Client is a program running on your computer that lets you post to your blog. In some cases, it help manage your blog too. Sometimes, it allows you to write a blog entry even if you are off-line so that it can be posted next time when you connect to the internet.

The other advantages could include:

1. The ability to save drafts
3. A nicer interface
4. Fancy formatting features
5. Features like cross-posting to multiple blogs
6. Faster uploading and addition of photos

Here is a list of Blog Clients compiled by WordPress.


* BlogDesk
* BlogJet
* Blog Writer
* Ecto
* Elici
* Flock
* JBlogEditor
* Performancing
* Post2Blog
* Post2Blog Express
* Qumana
* Semagic
* w.bloggar
* WB Editor

Mac (OS X):

* Ecto
* Flock
* JBlogEditor
* MarsEdit
* Performancing
* Qumana

Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets

* DashBlog
* RapidMetaBlog
* WordPressDash


* BloGTK
* Drivel
* Flock
* Gnome Blog
* JBlogEditor
* Performancing


* Plogit
* Mo:blog
* Vagablog

Siemens Phones:

* blog2go,2241,hq_en_0_116696_rArNrNrNrN,00.html

This entry was written with BlogDesk.


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