Acer ScanPrisa 640P

I have a scanner now. In the last five years I have accumulated bits of papers, letters, bills, photographs and statements which I neither require nor can throw away. Getting everything scanned and orgainsed on a PC seemed to be most logical way out so that the house can be free of paper and still the content is not lost.

So I picked up a second hand Acer ScanPrisa 640P from ebay which costed me 40% the cost of a new entry level flatbed scanner.

The seller on ebay happened to be just 10 minutes drive away from my home. I dropped by his house and asked to test the scanner before I paid for it, but he refused saying that his laptop didnt have a parallel port. Though I was a bit amused to hear an excuse like this, I didn’t know that this guy already had a USB to parallel port adopter which he was using for his printer. The guy proceeded to de-dust the scanner, pull out the cables, look up the driver CD and he even gave me a serial number written on a piece of paper. I payed him, picked up the scanner, and came home.

The fun began when the installation started.

The driver CD had a driver which wasn’t compatible with XP. I called the seller again and he very plainly told me that this was an outdated model that wouldn’t work with XP and I had to get back to lower versions if I wanted to get it working. He seemed to be quite glad to have made money by selling an obsolete piece of equipment.

I was a bit pissed off because it would take me atleast a day to get Win 98 installed on my PC, which already dual boots on XP and SUSE 10.1. Wihout accepting defeat I googled and googled and googled and learnt that Acer’s scanner division had been sold off to BenQ in 2004. Since then the driver updates are from BenQ. I could download the required drivers here. I called the seller and informed him that the scanner was working perfectly under XP and he didnt seem to like the sound of it.

I got working on the scanner for 7 straight hours. I’m already rid of a kilo of old paper. I’ll be needing more disc space now. But that is a different story.


20 thoughts on “Acer ScanPrisa 640P

  1. Cheers Krishnan for your link to the Benq website, I was also struggling to find a driver for my acer scanner.

    Cheers again, u helped me out of a hard spot!

    Tony .

  2. i’ve Dloaded the driver from benq but after installing it i got a “no printer driver installed” prompt. my printer is outdated too HP deskjet 610C series ver 11.2.

    can you help me pls.?

  3. I have a scanprisa 640P scanner. Both my present printer and laptop have only USB ports. Is there any way I can use the parallel scanner? I understand that most of the parallel to USB adapters are for printers.

  4. Using the 640P scanner on a USB port is highly unlikely, however, I wouldn’t want to rule out the possibility without giving it a try.

    If you can borrow or lay your hands on a USB-Parallel connector, do give it a try. Even if it wont work, it will give an error on why it cant do it. Start from the error, google on it, talk to tech support, a solution could emerge.

    Hope for the best.

  5. Thanks!!! – I’ve been looking for this driver for a long time…. even partitioned off some disk space and was about to load Win98…. loaded Ubuntu instead, but NADA… hey, ho, off we go, back to XP.

  6. Krishnan, I downloaded the driver. But after unzipping it is opening as multiple files. How to install? Can u please guide me?

  7. I tried it, but I am getting a message: “Cannot Install: SETUP or INSTALL program file name contains folder information. Use Actions/Checkout instead”.

  8. Partha, did you succeed in using parallel to USB adapter for your scanprisa 640P scanner? I bought one, but the scanner doesn’t work.

  9. I have the same problem as Avly and Partha. I also bought a parallel to USB adapter. When I connected the adapter, it apparently installed the driver, but I kinda found out it only had installed a driver for printers. I tried to install a driver for scanners, but it still doesn’t work. I’m not even sure if I installed that driver correctly…

  10. i chanced to read through this blog. i am looking for scanprisa 640P scanner for windows XP. when i check the link mentioned by you, i get redirected to different product line. i am not able to find for model 6690. appreciate if you can provide me pointers or email me the driver. thanks a lot.

  11. can anybody tell me what model i have to click on Krishnan’s link.I have scanprisa 640p
    model no: 6696-0qe

  12. Guys i have the same scanner i uploaded the driver from benq in windows xp but i cant use it through any graphics/editing software to scan the images or etc it give somes Twain Source error. please help me guys i am in deep trouble looking forward to your help

  13. Dear,
    i have a scanner acer scanprisa 640p and i lost its driver cd. i am trying to install it on windows 7 but yet not succeeded. anyone please send me any link to get the driver will be highly appreciated.

    Irfan khan

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